About GreenHaven Cottage

About Tobago Bed & Breakfast Greenhaven Cottage

The inn-keepers of Tobago Bed & Breakfast Greenhaven Cottage, Jane and Ronald , have rich ancestral ties to the beautiful village of Les Coteaux. They were both raised in this village and it is no wonder, when they married, they decided to continue to live there.

Jane loves everything domestic, including cooking, baking, sewing and cleaning. She possesses a vast knowledge of local dishes and recipes and often spends her free time sewing sheets, curtains and other household linens.

Ronald is quite knowledgeable on the history of Les Coteaux and can tell you many stories of what he refers to as “the ole time days.” He is a retired firefighter who spends his retirement growing melons and tomatoes. Having learned the art of gardening at a very young age from his father, he possesses a wealth of knowledge about the cultivation of crops in general. He can tell you, for example, what season is best to plant what and if you are lucky, you may just be given a free slice of red or yellow watermelon for sampling sake. If you do, make sure to comment on its sweetness and you are guaranteed to see him beaming from cheek to cheek.

Overall, both cottage keepers are friendly, hospitable and service-oriented and strive to ensure that their guests feel at home and enjoy their experience at Tobago Bed & Breakfast Greenhaven Cottage, and in Tobago in general.


What if you could escape it all…The bustle of everyday life and the demands of rush hour? Nestled in the rural village of Les Coteaux, Greenhaven Cottage bed and breakfast in Tobago is only twenty minutes drive from the town of Scarborough and promises a relaxing and quiet getaway to renew your mind, soul, body and spirit. Having derived its name from the European French, Les Coteaux, which means “Hillside” is legendary for its rich cultural heritage. It also boasts a rare panoramic view of beautiful green hills, which, as you approach the village, demand that you slow down and take it all in.

The perfect contrast to the hum of everyday activity, Greenhaven Cottage is a bed and breakfast in the beautiful paradise island of Tobago. It boasts of rustic tranquility and a soothing ambience, thereby affording its guests the opportunity to kick back and be rejuvenated. Greenhaven is also a place that is enhanced by the very best of nature’s greenery and at this location, the sound of carefree birds is commonplace.

Within close driving proximity to the 18th century Arnos Vale Water Wheel and the mysterious tombstone at neighbouring Plymouth, this bed and breakfast offers you reasonably priced accommodation and personalized friendly, informal service.

This cottage, often described by its guests as a home away from home, is completely furnished and consists of a two-bedroom apartment, a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment. Both the two-bedroom and the one -bedroom apartments are  complete with air conditioned bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen equipped with all the necessary appliances, small porch and lawn area.  The self-contained studio apartment is air-conditioned and comprises a sleeping area, kitchen area, bathroom and patio.